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Recent content by 12th McLovin

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    Yeah, I guess what I was trying to say is that if Favre hadn't gone to GB, he might not have been the great player he was/is. If we had taken Favre and Atlanta had taken McGwire and traded him to the Packers, there's no real way of telling if McGwire would be a bust and 4 would be an all-time...
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    I was born in 96, so no, I wasn't alive then.
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    The Packers didn't draft Favre, so all we can really blame is the Falcons for trading him there. We could have made that same trade too.
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    On the clock: NO ONE!

    The Titans would have loved JPP, but that bastard Jerry Reese took him, so Tennessee selects Everson Griffen, defensive end from that black hole in LA.
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    Lofa Tatupu's Dad Mosi- Dead at 54

    I'm really sorry for him. I know what it feels like. Hope he goes out and kicks some ass this year.
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    Tiger Woods Facebook

    I got this idea from the Favre Facebook that I found. I think it's great, but that's just me.
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    BCS name change

    Maybe the SEC won't be good this year. And maybe Michael Jackson isn't really dead.
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    French people like him are always welcome on our team. I just hope Tom Benson buys a soccer team in Europe and becomes too busy with it that he doesn't care about the Saints any more and refuses to pay his players, like Malcolm Glazer in Tampa.
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    Chargers release l.t!!!

    Why is there a Squealer fan on here? No offense I'm just wondering.
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    Pierre Thomas would also be satisfying for me as a FA, if the Saints do decide to keep Bush.
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    Linemen we need to look at for the draft

    Locklear/Willis/Unger/Sims seems decent - the LT, and if we can get Okung, Bulaga or Campbell or if Sackintosh or Frye step up then we could be really improved. Also we need to stay healthy which was a big problem last year.
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    On the clock: NO ONE!

    He's going to be great.
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    Doom and Gloom for the Seahawk O Line?

    I agree completely that we should not take Anthony Davis. I'm also not saying Campbell is better than anyone on our line right now. But most college linemen need a litle time to transition into the speed of the pro game. But what Campbell does have is great athleticism, so he will be able to...
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    On the clock: NO ONE!

    They need a rush LB now that they cut Joey Porter
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    Linemen we need to look at for the draft

    Bruce Campbell is a guy I would like to have at #14. I've seen him play here at Maryland, and I really think he could be a Pro Bowl player.
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