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I hate Harbaugh!!

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by #ONE, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. szat

    szat Huddler

    He's just wierd, period. I know everyone praises him as a HC, but I dont like him, and wouldnt want him as our coach.
    And he's not respectfult to the game and others. I think he's a bit of a snake. Lets see how he handle a couple of losses in a row... then we'll see his true colors.
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  2. Hated him at Stanford, and hate him even more now!
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  3. squirreljack

    squirreljack Huddler

    49ers have the worst P.O.S. coach in the league to go along with the worst P.O.S. fans in the league. Fitting.
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  4. They played the audio of the media session this morning on Mitch in Morning. It was, well, awkward. If I were a 49ers fan, I wouldn't really care right now because they are winning. When they stop winning, his douchebag attitude will get old real quick.
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  5. robdog

    robdog Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We saw that 49er fan base in full gear on HBO Real Sports... You stay classy 49er fan...
  6. Didn't they have stabbing at the game, too?
  7. LaceyBALL3R360

    LaceyBALL3R360 Huddler

    some1 shouldve stabbed harbaugh's bitch ass. i gurantee hes done enough shit to deserve it
  8. Absolutely. Good stuff.
  9. Not surprising considering Sherman and Browner are at the center of Harbaughs criticism. Did I mention I HATE the guy?!
  10. Anyone hear 'Harbaugh Style' on KJR this morning? Worth a listen.
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  11. I was waiting for this. Haha. I don't listen to Mitch since I haven't been to work since before Thanksgiving...
  12. Hawksfan1983

    Hawksfan1983 Huddler

    Thats such an awesome song! finally got a good smile from talking about him, usually i just want to hit him.

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