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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HawKruser, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. HawKruser

    HawKruser Huddler

    I joined the Huddle a couple of weeks ago, and just today kind of looked around inside the site.

    I've bled blue since'76, and like many of you, have suffered through the mediocrity as well as the depressing drive-you-drink incompetence of our team's history. But I've also cheered and exulted during our good years, ie: Knox and Holmgren playoff years.

    Today, I raise my beer with you all--indeed, with 12s around the globe--to our first championship ring! YEAH!!! I'm still on cloud nine!

    May there be more rings to come, starting with SB 49...
  2. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome aboard thanks for posting !

    Now that the Seahawks have won the Super Bowl and let's just say it " in epic, history -game changing fashion" it's time to build a dynasty . At last years Russell Wilson Passing Academy, Wilson was talking with the students about goals , he wrote his own goal on a chalk board and it said " I want to win 4 Superbowl's" . He two years into his playing career and already has one . If there's one guy that you listen to when he talks it's Wilson, 3 more Superbowl's? Hells yeah he can !

    Free Brandon Browner
  3. HawKruser

    HawKruser Huddler

    Thanks, Idahawk, I feel like I should be here.

    I agree. It didn't take long for me--us--to realize that we have something very, very special in Russell Wilson. It's not his drive, it's not his maturity, it's not even his physical abilities. It's all of the above, and something...more. Let's get four in a row!

    RAMSWRATH Huddler

    I love it. You used the "D word". Such a rookie mistake. Own it.:sneaky:

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