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Welcome to the improved new and improved PFT

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Hello again. We're back. Just like Tommy was, and still could be.

We introduced a new-look PFT on Monday, and we learned that there's a difference between test-driving a car and owning it. Plenty of changes have been made, minor and major. You've likely noticed the biggest change to the changes, which was motivated by feedback we've gotten from many of you.

The front-page experience has been fully restored, with a little more clarity — and more headlines than we had before the change.

On desktop, you'll see a lead story with a photo, smack dab in the middle of the page. To the left is a stack of the six latest "top stories," which is basically the new version of what was the top half of the vertical stack on the old site. To the right, a stack of "more headlines," which is the bottom half of the old vertical stack.

On mobile, it's all vertical. Lead item, followed by 12 headlines. And when you click "Rumor Mill," you get a clean and simple scroll of all stories, with the option to easily load more at the bottom.

It looks different. It looks better. Especially on mobile, where more and more of you consume content. And you can easily make the front page a button on the face of your phone. So it will be a quick click to the PFT front page and a click to the Rumor Mill, and off you go.

Off we go, with more changes that you'll notice — and more you won't — in the coming days. Please let me know ([email protected]) if you have any thoughts, ideas, complaints, compliments, or if you're just bored and feel like shooting the shit on a slow weekend.

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