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Policy Private Messages

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Orange County, CA
Private Message(PM) System Policy

The private message system at SeahawksHuddle.com(SH) provides our members a method of personal communication between themselves and other members. Excessive abuse will result in complete disabling of the private message system.

The system must not be used for the following:

  • Spam including (but not exhaustive) recruitment of SH members to other websites, non-requested information concerning personal websites or other forums, and /or any other information deemed to be spam.
  • Unrequested materials including (but not exhaustive) pornography, links to websites that may contain pornography or illegal material, and/or any material sent that is offensive or berating to the individual member.
Moderation and Member Responsibility

While we strive to maintain complete privacy of messages sent through the private message system, it is our responsibility to moderate and enforce our policies. Members play a huge role in ensuring the PM system policy is enforced.

  • Any PM including (but not exhaustive) recruitment to other websites, unwanted pornography or other elicit material, and/or any other material deemed offensive should be forwarded to a member of the moderation team or myself.
Discipline Procedure

Any pm received by the moderation team or myself that is deemed to be against PM policy will be dealt with swiftly. The following procedure will be followed:

  • Member will be private messaged concerning their activity.
  • Administrator will decide to (1) ban the member immediately or (2) disable PM ability of the member.

Please feel comfortable using the PM system here at SeahawksHuddle.com. Those turning in other members for spam will not be identified.

Thank you for your adherence to SH PM Policy. We hope this does not become a problem in the future.
Not open for further replies.
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