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Recent content by szat

  1. szat

    Back to football!!

    any spare cap should go to make Kam happy, he is vastly underpaid for what he brings to this team. I expect some other to be let go or restructured, my guess is we'll hear some news tomorrow on their day off. Kam will be back in camp by Thursday.
  2. szat

    Okung to represent himself in free agency

    I dont think he will be resigned, we should get a nice compensatory pick from losing such a high draft pick 1(6) i believe...
  3. szat

    Big Willy $

    Id say 20.5 M 6 year with lots of gaurrentied $$. FO is probably at 19 and RW camp at 22, they need to meet in the middle. He needs to be a Seahawk for life, he is a once in generation type guy, I dont care what some say, he makes the big play when we need it, that has been proven over and...
  4. szat


    This forum is dead. Is someone actually paying to keep this alive?
  5. szat

    Hawk bow

    Like to have this bow in my game Far Cry 4.
  6. szat

    So long to Clare Farnsworth

    Super nice guy, and a sea hawks icon, been with the team forever, and always was optimistic and non critical of the hawks. Mad respect for him, he is going out on top!
  7. szat

    Wow, it must suck being a Niner fan these days.

    Will 9ers get a high compenz pick for borland and Willis I wonder?
  8. szat

    Jimmy Graham Phone Interview

    Please change to 88! Nice work.
  9. szat

    So... who replaces Carp & Unger

    Wisniewski would be proven starter. I remember watching Pat Lewis and being very impressed, like no drop off. And Max had some wierd snap issues this last year. I absolutely have zero confidence in Jeanpierre taking the job.
  10. szat

    So... who replaces Carp & Unger

    Paul McQueinsten and they are going to try Jordan Hill at LG.
  11. szat

    Jimmy Graham Phone Interview

    Man, I am really coming around on him, It sounds like he is really liking the idea of being a seahawk.
  12. szat

    Jimmy Graham Phone Interview

    Great interview! Seems like a very level headed dude, I love what he has to say about Seattle and our defense, aggressiveness, and competitiveness. He was shocked "as were we Jimmy".
  13. szat

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    TE group grade is an "A" now. I just hope that "Jimmy" is okay with not get the kind of stats he did in NO. I think we will use him chess piece, dictating play call at the LOS, and running the ball. That is what we do best.
  14. szat

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    Exactly, when I hear "cap casuality" it doesn't automatically mean 'release' just means they cant afford him or is this case maybe he wasn't worth is contract value to the team with other Olinemen knocking on the door.
  15. szat

    Free Agency Talk

    Jets, Raiders, Colts big players in FA so far... I think all those teams will be improved this year.
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