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  1. 12thManFan

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    So we lose a Jimmy in our division and gain a Jimmy on our team. Me likely. Can't wait to see what this does for the run game as well as Russell's development. Going to miss Unger though. Thoughts?
  2. 12thManFan

    Trade Deadline

    Schefty posted Seahawks are being aggressive in improving the roster. Not sure who we're after though. For the right price, I would mind VJax or Gresham, could be interesting.
  3. 12thManFan

    Early Breakout Canidates?

    So since it's been slow on here, figured I'd bring up a question for you all. Seeing that just about every year we have someone really come from nowhere on our roster become something special, who do you have as this years possible breakout player(s)? Personally I think a deep sleeper could be...
  4. 12thManFan

    Late Draft Summary

    Just thought I would give my two cents on each pick and see what you guys think as well. P-Rich: Clear element of speed, could be another player to stretch the field and hit the home run ball. Could be interesting with him and Harvin on the field at the same time. My pro comparison would be...
  5. 12thManFan

    Any word on Tatupu's workout with Broncos?

    I'm really rooting for him. Slim chance at 31 but if there's a chance he can still make a roster somewhere, I hope he does. Just too bad his career was derailed by injuries because he was a monster.
  6. 12thManFan

    Vikings Fans Be Like...

    "We're so glad we traded Percy, Cordarrelle Patterson is so much better" Not saying I don't like Patterson but I think Percy got the last laugh...
  7. 12thManFan

    Interesting Super Bowl Facts.

    Interesting facts regarding The Super Bowl: - The number one offense and defense have only met in the Super Bowl 4 times, top defenses lead in wins with a 3-1 record. - The last time the number one offense and defense played was in 1991, the Giants defense won 20-19. - Russell Wilson could...
  8. 12thManFan

    Great Read on Sherman Interview

    http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2014/1/20/5319032/richard-sherman-interview-nfc-championship-2014 I agree with this entire article. Great read.
  9. 12thManFan

    Incognito, Seahawks?

    What do you guys think the odds are he becomes a Seahawk? I'm not saying I want him because I don't at all but it would make sense considering Pete hasn't turned away some reclamation projects and our O-line has been struggling with injuries. I only ask because I saw ESPN noted that we and the...
  10. 12thManFan

    Mike Rob on his way back?

    Seattle Times reported the team is looking into bringing him back pending a physical. Both Coleman and Ware are injured so they are interested in finding a FB. Great news!
  11. 12thManFan

    Get That Man Some Skittles!

    Couldn't get enough of him rubbing it in the their face. Stopping right before the endzone and slow waltzing in was too good. Can't wait to go to Candlestick to hand it to them again.
  12. 12thManFan

    Seahawks Sign TE Kellen Davis

    Pretty minor move but any thoughts on it anyway? I feel like we should've just kept McGrath but it is what it is.
  13. 12thManFan

    Concerned at TE?

    Should we at all be a tad alarmed at our TE depth with McCoy being out? I mean Luke Wilson is getting nothing but great praise in OTAs but he's never played a down yet and our next TE on the roster after Miller is McGrath who played I believe only 8 down total last season. What are your...
  14. 12thManFan

    Former Lions DE Cliff Avril Agrees To Terms With Seahawks

    I really like this move, decent age, and should fit nicely into our already talented defensive line. Details of the contract have yet to be released. Can't wait for next season!
  15. 12thManFan

    Turning a weakess to a strength?

    I have to ask with the additions of Edwards and Owens, can we say WRs is now a strength, an improvement, or still shaky? I hear Edwards made a nice TD grab in camp and one the a efere calld out but they're going to go back and see if it was a TD in the film room, so possibly 2. And Owens is old...
  16. 12thManFan

    Seahawks aquire TE Kellen Winslow from Bucs.

    Any thoughts? He's better than Carlson IMO.
  17. 12thManFan

    New names, sleepers?

    So I was looking at the roster and i'm seeing some names I don't recognize, DT Adrian Taylor and RB Tyrell Sutton, anyone know where they came from? I know we just signed Lumpkin but Sutton is another ideal powerback if he weighes 213. I was thinking he could be a sleeper for our team, any input?
  18. 12thManFan

    Mebane Remains a Seahawk!

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/seattle-seahawks-bring-back-anchor-to-defensive-line-dt-brandon-mebane/2011/07/29/gIQAWiL1hI_story.html Good to hear, we needed him BAD. Now we can focus on CB.
  19. 12thManFan

    2011 Draft Strategy...

    If you absolutely had to trade picks in this year's draft, as the head coach, what kind of trades would you want to work for, and what position/or who would you take with the picks you traded for? I'm asking because what I would do is trade our 25th overall for an early 2nd round and a mid to...
  20. 12thManFan


    I felt like sharing this with everyone. Probably won't happen but I had to show some support. Bring The Super Bowl To Seattle! (Q13 FOX) | Facebook
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