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  1. szat


    This forum is dead. Is someone actually paying to keep this alive?
  2. szat

    Tramon Williams

    Id say hell yeah to bringing him in... He's 31 but still is a starting CB for most teams. His stats havent dropped off, and is a ball hawk. I would love to see how he responds to a QB "picking on" his side of the field. I also would mind re-uniting BB with the LOB!
  3. szat

    Central Saloon - Cellar Door

    Huddlers, If your in town for the game, come check out my band Saturday night 11.22.14. We are playing at the FAMOUS! Central Saloon (next to J&M) in pioneer square. Be cool to down some brews and get fired up for the Az game! Cellar Door PDX
  4. szat

    Mamma sherman and the LOSF's!

    Oh no, this is just corny as hell!
  5. szat

    O'Brien Schofield

    Schofield has really popped in training camp and pre-season. He looks like a bigger version on Clem to me. But did you guys know he go signed by Giants to a big contract that was rescinded after? That makes this guy perfect for us! I hope he makes the team...
  6. szat

    Mini-Camp scrum

    Things getting chippy.... http://q13fox.com/2014/06/18/watch-richard-sherman-phil-bates-scuffle-at-seahawks-minicamp/#axzz3578is6a8 How about that Richardson catch? He had 5+ yards of separation on the DB!
  7. szat

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Doesnt seem like this kid is being talked about much. After watching him and learning about his ethics, intangibles, I think he is the top QB in the draft. I pure pocket passer, I think he translates to the next level. He has got he measurables too...
  8. szat

    Michael Bennett - "no home team discount, this isnt Costco"

    There has been alot of talk that we absolutely have to resign Michael Bennett, and I agree that he is a priority but he shouldn't get Percy Harvin type money. I dont know what kind of money he's looking for, but if he thinks he is going to get superstar $$ I think he should go looking else where...
  9. szat


    Okay nflshop.com <<<<<<<< is the legit NFL team shop for buying official NFL apparel and merch. nflshopofficial.com <<<<<<<is a total scam site that mirrors the 'official' site. It replicates the site visually but as you start to surf around you'll notice a few little quirks that seem fishy...
  10. szat

    Pro Bowl - Senior Bowl

    I am surprisingly not interested in the upcoming draft and pro bowl. Oh how sweet it is to be in the big game!
  11. szat


    There is much debate about how Percy Harvin should be used. And you know he will be chomping at the bit to get in there., but if you were Coach Carroll what what you do?
  12. szat

    Broadcast music

    What in the world was up with the broadcast music for the NFC Conference game? When ever they went to commercial break they put on some Hawaiian pro bowl music on. Did anyone notice this? It was like they got the pro bowl music mixed up with the conference champs tracks.
  13. szat

    Defense Wins Championships

    That certainly seems to hold true in the NFC as the top 4 defenses in the NFL have advanced to the Divisional round. I personally completely believe this to be true, and so does Pete Carroll. He has build this defense from the ground up with a emphasis on the secondary and turnovers...
  14. szat

    NFC Playoff Predictions

    So lets get some predictions going before the playoffs start! How do YOU see the NFC Playoffs going? Do we unanimously believe the path the SB goes through SeaTown!? ROUND 1: Wild Card Saints @ Philly 49ers @ GB Round 2: Divisional ????? @ Carolina ????? @ Seattle Round 3: Conference...
  15. szat

    P. Harvin Doubtful

    Here we go again... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000289978/article/percy-harvin-doubtful-for-seahawks-monday-night So I hate to be the one to post this, because I think this shit can be a distraction. But Percy is stealing up the headlines once again. My biggest concern when we got P...
  16. szat

    If the playoffs started today.....

    I know this is a buggie waaaayyy ahead of the horse type of a discussion but its the bye week. If the playoffs ended today, based on seeding the following games would like occur for the hawks: Wildcard ---- Bye Divisional---- Carolina Conference-- Saints Superbowl--- Denver Also GB, SF...
  17. szat

    Play Calling

    I still get red faced mad when I think of either play call on the goal line in the last two games. Against St. Louis we call back to back read option plays which we got caught behind the LOS. And for the record I think one of those plays was a 'called bootleg' because RW had NO intentions on...
  18. szat

    MVP - Texans Game

    So who is today's MVP? Some likely canidates Hauscha Dange"Russ". BeastMode Sherman Baldwin?
  19. szat

    FB = Negligable

    I know that it is feel good Monday, and we just housed an inferior oppenent that was completely "OUT OF ITS ELEMENT (Donnie)!". But... And I'm nit picking here... but Ive noticed that Coleman has not provided nearly the level of thump, or versitility in the backfield as our recently departed...
  20. szat

    De'Andre Hopkins

    Would have been my pick in the first round, if we didnt trade it away for [email protected]#$y Harvin. Anyways, he's having a pretty good season so far... would have saved us alot of $$$. And would be on the field. Just saying.... Not that it wavers my undieing belief "in Pete and John we trust".
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