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  1. 12thManFan


    I'm still alive. Honestly though, should just close this site down and reboot it as something new and advertise it on Facebook more. Just a thought.
  2. 12thManFan

    RB with torn ACL

    I really like our picks this year, more so than last year. We get an immediate playmaker in the return game, something we have lacked very much in the last few years. And a possible replacement slot receiver in the event Doug leaves. Frank Clark is a wild card but he looks like a very...
  3. 12thManFan

    Jimmy Graham Phone Interview

    Had to share since it's somewhat related to topic :P Made this today. I can't wait for his presser.
  4. 12thManFan

    So... who replaces Carp & Unger

    In all honesty, I really like Alvin Bailey at LG. C could be addressed in the draft maybe.
  5. 12thManFan

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    It's not that he would have been a cap casualty, just that when his contract comes up in the near future, I'm unsure if Seattle would have been able to work a new contract out and bring him back onboard. So instead of letting him walk for nothing, we get something in return that will last us...
  6. 12thManFan

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    Understand though, chances are we weren't going to be able to bring him back after other contracts were dealt with, I think this was a move to continue keeping the roster built for the future. Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I see it.
  7. 12thManFan

    J-J-Jimmy Graham?!?!

    So we lose a Jimmy in our division and gain a Jimmy on our team. Me likely. Can't wait to see what this does for the run game as well as Russell's development. Going to miss Unger though. Thoughts?
  8. 12thManFan

    Is a #1 WR the biggest offseason need ?

    WR is still imo our biggest need, personally I REALLY like Ty Montgomery for where we will be drafting from. I think for our scheme, he's a match made in heaven. He would also fix our issues at punt and kick returning. However, because our roster will be locked up for the most part, I wouldn't...
  9. 12thManFan


    Home field advantage for SEA. You heard it here first.
  10. 12thManFan

    Arizona Game Discussion

    11th in points scored but consider we had probably a top 5 toughest schedule from a defensive standpoint. Cowboys, Packers, Broncos, Chiefs, Eagles, Cardinals, 49ers, and Rams all have challenging defenses and we are near being a top 10 offense.
  11. 12thManFan

    Arizona Game Discussion

    I couldn't disagree more. We may not have a Packers or Broncos offense but to say we have a slightly above average offense when they consistently post good numbers game in and game out, is completely wrong. You're basically saying what analysts said all last year. I get it was one game, but we...
  12. 12thManFan

    Trade Deadline

    Schefty posted Seahawks are being aggressive in improving the roster. Not sure who we're after though. For the right price, I would mind VJax or Gresham, could be interesting.
  13. 12thManFan

    Game Day St Louis Rams

    Anyone ever have a guest come over and you try and drop hints to get them to leave but it never works? :whistling:
  14. 12thManFan

    Percy Harvin Traded to the Jets

    Reports now coming out he didn't travel with team in final preseason game against Oakland due to a confrontation with Doug Baldwin as well. Sounds like this has been an ongoing issue. Wonder why it's becoming so public now. Regardless, it was a mistake and I'm just glad we were at least able to...
  15. 12thManFan

    Percy Harvin Traded to the Jets

    Retweeted Brock Huard (@BrockESPN): About that Percy Harvin risk...Know for a fact that the WR room had issues, & must've reached a point that even Pete was unwilling to manage
  16. 12thManFan

    Percy Harvin Traded to the Jets

    Well considering the Jets have a shit record and I'm going to go ahead and assume it will be a second round pick, this could be great. However, I'm concerned overall. Mostly with now the lack of WR depth, just hoping they bring Rich into the fold.
  17. 12thManFan

    Game Day Dallas

    It's not that there is anything Rich can do that Harvin can't but why not try putting both of them on the field at the same time?
  18. 12thManFan

    Game Day Dallas

    Oh and on that note, Aikman should take his mic and shove it up his ass. Why the f*** would they have him broadcast this game?
  19. 12thManFan

    Game Day Dallas

    I'm going to go ahead and say it, we're overrated. Our receivers are truly mediocre and our offense is way too predictable. I wish coaches would seriously consider including P. Rich in the fold. Harvin is completely accounted for in every game thus far and hasn't done much for us.
  20. 12thManFan

    Great teams overcome

    It's not okay for us to beat the Broncos in OT in a regular season game but it's okay for the Broncos to beat the Steelers in OT in a playoff game. Bronco fan logic. Couldn't agree more though, their fans are complete hypocrites. Call us bandwagon fans yet I distinctly remember their fans not...
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