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  1. robdog

    Game day Thread: 49ers @ Seahawks

    Been some time since this site has had a game day thread but better late than never. Post your thoughts about the game here.
  2. robdog

    Announcement Site Updates

    There have been major updates to the site with continued improvements throughout the season. Stay tuned for more updates as we go here.
  3. robdog

    Good bars around CenturyLink stadium??

    Anyone have recommendations for good bars around the stadium? I'll be at the 49ers/Seahawks game tomorrow. I know, late notice but maybe I'll get lucky with someone seeing this. Lol.
  4. robdog

    Announcement TapaTalk is no more...

    The responsive design is finally to a point where we can get rid of TapaTalk. If anyone runs into an issue, please post your issues here.
  5. robdog

    Anyone see this Beats Commercial with Kaepernick?

    No "real" mention of the Seahawks in the video, but you get the idea.
  6. robdog

    Announcement Site Upgrade Saturday @ 10:00pm PST

    We will be upgrading the site to the latest XenForo and upgrading a number of plug-ins at the same time. I expect the downtime to last at most 30 minutes and will provide a bunch of new features for the site.
  7. robdog

    Announcement Site Changes...

    The site has needed a bit of an upgrade lately so I finally had some time to do some changes. First and foremost, we are changing the focus of the site to be all about a forum. We tried to home page news portal and that didn't work so well. So instead of trying to be something we are not, this...
  8. robdog

    Announcement Major Site Issue Resolved (Site Admin Eats Humble Pie)

    Alright, so we had a nasty issue that finally got resolved today. :( Sadly this came on the heels of me getting surgery... However, this issue is now fixed, and to show how sorry we are, we are going to start our NFL contests earlier and double the amount of things we were planning on giving...
  9. robdog

    I have to say Russell Wilson played a good game...

    I have been reading a lot of the debate on this forum about how good or how bad Wilson is for the Seahawks. So yesterday, I decided NO red zone channel and ONLY watch the Seahawks. I had to see what all the fuss was about it. I have to say, he played lights out. Whether you love him or hate...
  10. robdog

    Announcement Like Functionality has been Expanded

    The like functionality seems to be a worthwhile feature on this site, so we decided to increase the functionality. Not only can you still like a post, but now you can do the following: Like Agree Funny Winner Informative Friendly Useful Creative Disagree Old Optimistic Enjoy...
  11. robdog

    Announcement New Site Layout is Active

    As you can probably notice, a new theme has been applied to SeahawksHuddle.com. It is a pretty big change and I know it will take some getting used to. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please post them here. Thanks.
  12. robdog

    Announcement Let someone know you you mentioned them in a thread - Tag Em'

    This will be the first of a few updates for the site. There is a new way to let someone know you mentioned them in a thread, Tag Em'. It works just like tagging does on Twitter, Number 18 Once you tag someone, it will send them an alert and take them directly to the post in question. As with...
  13. robdog

    Announcement Let everyone know how long you have been a Seahawks fan!

    Just a small update. I added a field on the following URL where you enter the year you became a Seahawks fan. http://www.seahawkshuddle.com/account/personal-details This will appear next to each of your posts. ENJOY!
  14. robdog

    Announcement SeahawksHuddle.com Upgrade to XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 2

    I wanted to let everyone know that we are currently running on XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 2. There are a number of new features that have been added into this version that I think everyone will find useful. Below is a list of most of the features included in this upgrade: Thread Prefixes Warning System...
  15. robdog

    Reports coming out the Tarvaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks! NOOOOOO!

    What are we trying to do with this signing??? Seriously we need some answers ASAP! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/07/26/reports-tarvaris-jackson-will-sign-with-the-seahawks/
  16. robdog

    NFL Season is a GO! BYE BYE LOCKOUT!

    That is right people! Monday the players will actually vote on the deal and we will have camps on by Wednesday! BOOYAH! After 130+ days we will have uninterrupted football for at least 7 years!!! Story to get you all pumped up from ESPN...
  17. robdog

    Owners Approved the Labor Deal!~

    http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/6791408/lockout-sides-eye-deal-immediately-lift-nfl-lockout-sources-say This is looking good! Come on players vote this through the rest of the way!
  18. robdog

    Funny Image Thread

    And since we are rocking a funny video thread now, might as well add a funny image thread. Post em if you got em!
  19. robdog

    Funny Video Thread

    Thought we should start one of these up just in case we find some good videos around the Internet. I know you guys have some you would like to post, so get posting those funny videos. I need something to take my mind off this damn lockout! :)
  20. robdog

    Removed a Bunch of Ads for Registered Users/Logged In Users

    Maybe because it is Friday, but I decided to remove a bunch of ads from the site once you are logged in. This will give people who have not registered even more of an incentive to do so! Hope you guys like the change and pages start loading faster for you! :)
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