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Recent content by grhaley1

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    Same I just got an email that this site was back. I remember going on here everyday during high school
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    Announcement New Designs 2020

    Good to see it back. Used to visit this site a ton and even wrote a couple articles for the site way back in the day
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    We are booming!

    let’s go
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    Is anyone home??

    Wow this sites really back up? Takes me back
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    Mock Draft

    habt ihr fucking stupid fucking nie eine große Empfänger in den Top Ten nie Dumbass gehen Sie fucking suck Ihre Hahn
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    Greg Knapp named seahawks new offensive coordinator

    lol i like how a topic about naming a new offensive coordinator turns into talkin about drafting defensive players with our top pick lol
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    Greg Knapp named seahawks new offensive coordinator

    how bout we give this guy a chance? i mean correct me if im wrong but the best qb hes ever had was jeff garcia back in san fransisco, and hell he took a team who had 2 rbs and no qb (i consider vick a RB) to the NFC championship, i say we give this guy a chance b4 we jump all over him....now its...
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    Greg Knapp named seahawks new offensive coordinator

    http://blogs.nfl.com/2009/01/07/knapp-j ... ordinator/ A hint of Atlanta has surfaced in Seattle. Just as former Falcons coach Jim Mora worked with his offensive coordinator Greg Knapp in Atlanta, the same arrangement now has been finalized in Seattle. Knapp arrived in Seattle this week, once...
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    Mock Draft

    wow cause o yeah troy brown and david patten our such great receivers that they made tom brady one of the greatest qb's, ur such a fuckin retard, god im gonna go find some other site to talk bout football cause ne one that knows football.....face it this team is on a decline, everyones over...
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    Mock Draft

    lol wow ru fucking kidding me, ur tellin me a reciever makes a qb and not the other way around? wat drug ru on? y dont u just give the detroit lions a call and ask em how charles rogers, mike williams and roy williams are doing
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    next year's opponents...

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    Mock Draft

    yes id be terribly upset if we took crabtree, theres no point of taking a reciver that high, if you got a qb who can get the ball to the wr then you dont need to be spending all our cap money on WR, did tom brady need top WR to win those superbowls no, he made average wr look like pro bowl WR...
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    Seahawks Get 4th Pick!

    ya thats stupid we dont need to take a LB that high, we have always had some good luck at LB....and i dont want crabtree but id be shocked if he stays in college, once he realizes how much money he will make for just being drafted he will go pro
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    All 7 rounds " US ONLY"

    Lol your comparing us to the Steelers and the Patriots? lol wow thats one of the funniest things i have ever heard...First of all the Patriots and Steelers never have to rebuild because they have Geniuses who are calling the defense, and we got that idiot john marshall...Second when their old...
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    All 7 rounds " US ONLY"

    We need to rebuild and we need to rebuild now or were gonna end up like the rams, losing 10+ games every year.........we have been good for years but all good things must come to an end, and our time at the top has come to an end, its time to rebuild and u dont rebuild by drafting a WR
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