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Whitehurst Preparing As The Starter, Carpenter Struggles, And Other Notes

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by travisduncan, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. travisduncan

    travisduncan Huddler


    By Travis Duncan

    The Seahawks will converge at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Wednesday afternoon for a final practice before the bye week.

    The team will then have Thursday, October 13 through Sunday, October 16 off before preparing for a trip to play the Cleveland Browns the following Sunday.

    In practice this week Charlie Whitehurst is preparing as though he is the starting quarterback.

    The uber-calm Whitehurst told reporters "I will prepare like I'm the starter these next two weeks and if they need me I'll be ready."

    Whitehurst was asked how hard the last couple of months have been for him.

    "I woudn't say it has been hard, but you go to practice, you work hard, I thought there chance there was going to be a time when Tarvaris was going to be injured and I was going to have to come in and play and perform. You just stay ready. It's something you can't control who coach plays. But Tarvaris has done a great job. He's really had a few really good games."

    James Carpenter continues to struggle

    As the offense continues to improve, protecting Jackson and Whitehurst was an issue Sunday. The Giants sacked Jackson four times, and Whitehurst twice.

    A lot of criticism has come rookie right tackle James Carpenter's way, as can often happen when a first-round draft pick, who don't dazzle in their first season in the league. Sunday against the Giants, Carpenter had a rough game.

    On the Seahawks second offensive possession in the first quarter the Giants were dialing it up a notch-Jackson was getting flushed out of the pocket and was getting hit.

    With 7:33 remaining Carpenter has a false start. On the next play, Carpenter gets out of position and Osi Umenyiora gets a clean hit on Jackson for the sack.

    Jackson is sacked again with 5:47 left in the second quarter. This time by Jason Pierre-Paul.

    Pierre-Paul makes one move and goes right around Carpenter takes Jackson into the ground. (Watch Video)

    With 1:28 left in the first half, Mathias Kiwanuka blows by Carpenter and gets a clean blow to Jackson for the sack.

    At the end of the day W's are what matter in the NFL. But over the course of a 16-game season you wonder if either Jackson or Whitehurst can stay on the field with as many hits as they are taking.

    "It's about consistency and getting into his sets and reading the rush," Carroll said about Carpenter's struggles.

    "There was up-and-under and then there was a run around the corner on him. Physically he's absolutely talented, it's just reading the rush and it just takes time. Those guys are really good at it and they took advantage of him a little bit, but all-and-all he played pretty well."

    Obomanu a weapon in the slot

    The Seahawks have talked a lot about getting off to a good start. A lot of credit has to be given to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and sixth-year wide receiver Ben Obomanu, who made Sunday's opening drive touchdown and caught six passes in the game. Not only did Obomanu catch a pass on the first play of the opening drive (a short slat) with 12:34 remaining in the first quarter 2 and 10 on the Giants 11-yard line Obomanu ran in 11-yard touchdown reception. (Watch Video)

    On first and 10 The Seahawks have moved the ball with ease. On the previous play Tarvaris Jackson got rid of the ball just in time to avoid a sack from Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiorawho got a straight line to Jackson as Marshawn Lynch tripped and not able to pick up the defense end. Jackson spikes the ball into the ground. A play where the Seahawks could have lost momentum both psychologically and in terms of the hurry up offensive after the referees threw a flag for intentional grounding which was then reversed.

    Sidney Rice is lined up wide to the left, joined by Golden Tate on the left side, with Obomanu in the slot also to the left. Rice and Tate go up the field while Obomanu catches the screen pass and runs into the endzone for the early touchdown.

    What's great about this play: Golden Tate effectively blocks Giants safety Antrel Rolle, which frees up the outside sideline for Obomanu score untouched.

    It was just the second touchdown the Seahawks had scored in the first half of game this season. The hurry up offense and quick starts are what works for this Seattle offense.

    As Golden Tate and Mike Williams have become somewhat of an afterthought, Obomanu and rookie Doug Baldwin have found a way to make receptions and move the chains.

    Doug Baldwin

    The undrafted rookie wide receiver was nominated for the NFL's rookie of the week award for his eight catches for 136 yards and a touchdown Sunday against the Giants. Cam Newton has ultimately been given the honor, but the nomination alone is nice recognition for Baldwin, who has played lights out since he stepped foot in Seattle.

    No Huddle

    Here is why Bevell thinks the hurry-up offense has worked so well. "I do know it gives us rhythm,” Bevell said according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. “I do know our guys play fast. I do know that our guys have less to think about. It’s moving so fast so their focus is really dialed in, then they’re running those specific plays quickly, they don’t have a lot of time to think and all that. They’re younger guys so some of that is simplified a little bit. There’s a bunch of reasons, but probably a little bit of all those.”

    Mayne Event-Time Machine

    The Seahawks are featured on ESPN's Mayne Event. Kenny Mayne travels to Seattle to film the three-minute clip with an appearances by Michael J. Fox, Pete Caroll and Marshawn Lynch. See the video here.

    NFL Team Stats

    Here's how the Seahawks stack up statisically in team stats against the rest of the NFL. Offense


    Total Yards per game: 288 ranked 29th
    Passing Yards per game: 205 ranked 26
    Rushing Yards per game: 83 ranked 28th
    Points Scored per game: 18.8 ranked 25th


    Total Yards per game: 366 ranked 17th
    Passing Yards per game:268.2 ranked 24th
    Rushing Yards per game: 97.8 ranked 9th
    Points allowed: 24.4 ranked 17th.

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