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Too bad Petey has to play RW against the Rams.

Discussion in 'Rivals Smack Down' started by RAMSWRATH, Dec 23, 2014.


    RAMSWRATH Huddler

    If anyone here watched that sorry ass debacle of an effort by the Rams defense against the Giants then you can be assured it will not be repeated in the season finale for the Rams in Seattle. Again in Seattle. Always in Seattle. As in someone is seriously paid off in the scheduling office to always make the Rams close the season in Seattle. That perennial piece of crap scheduling aside returning to the aforementioned sorry ass debacle that was the Rams defensive effort. Whereas the D line had zero pressure they will be all over RW this game. I hate to say it but there looked like head hunting going on and being denied again is not the Rams style. GW's D was embarrassed throughout but the lack of pressure on the QB was the most offensive of all. Rams have the dubious honor of knocking out starting QBs over the last few years and this may end for the Rams doing the same and screwing your playoff aspirations as well.

    Seahawks should win this game by a lot. I'd guess by 15+ points. Only way they don't is if the head hunting a QB works. It is going to be ugly. A real tour de force of bad blood. If the Rams had played well against the Giants I would not have felt this way. But an entire week of having all Rams fans pissed off at what they watched to end another season below .500 against a very beatable team (NY) GW is going to gin up some support for the offseason the only way a DC can against the Seahawks. And that is going after RW with everything. Blitz packages he's not seen before. Attitude this eat your pump fake that and trot to the sideline kiss the bench. At every opportunity. GW will try to supply some red meat for the offseason for Rams fans and RW is at the top of the menu I suspect. Petey had better make it known that this is not the week to be giving the Rams D any bulletin board material.

    All that doom and dire stuff aside I hope the game proves me wrong by there being no injuries to either team and the officials do not determine the outcome of the game.
  2. TheBandwagon

    TheBandwagon Huddler

    As long as the Rams don't play dirty, I think Wilson will be fine. He knows about the Rams' pass rush, he's faced it plenty of times before so he'll be ready. He'll take some hits but he made it out of the 7 sack game against the Cards in one piece.
    I watched part of that Rams game. The secondary is pretty good but they were taking too many chances. And Beckham Jr is no joke. Dude might already be one of the top five WRs in the league and he's barely gotten his feet wet. He'll be torching teams for 140+ a few times before all is said and done.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014

    RAMSWRATH Huddler

    Well much like a sad sack spud mod putting this in Rivals forum because he's still butt hurt over losing a bet he made and lost but wasn't made to pay…….I do believe the Rams D will play dirty. Really dirty. I'm not proud of that but it is what it is. Fisher and Williams will leave their mark and the only place to leave it to get the most from it is at QB. Sure hope no one in the Seahawks organization is stupid enough to provide bulletin board material.
  4. seahawkblitz

    seahawkblitz Huddler

    Too bad the Rams have to sit on their couches and watch Petey and Russ win the Super Bowl!!

    RAMSWRATH Huddler

    It is sad though I'm used to it and besides I'm looking forward to watching some good football. As for this thread I was wrong as the Rams played a very clean game.

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