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The Manning Effect part 1

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by Idahawk, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The only thing we know about the NFL is that sometimes it gets crazy . This off season could be what NASCAR terms as " the silly season " . A healthy Peyton Manning on the market could make more then a few teams reach for the golden ring and 4-5 years of pro bowl play at the QB position For teams that are on the top of that list it could mean some pretty crazy stuff going down.

    If Manning hits the market who is really interested in him and who is he interested in playing for ? To me it would be a team that was a great o-line , good receivers a strong running game and defense. Then it would be location and money plus maybe adding in the savior factor.

    I'm going to list some teams and reasons feel free to come up with your own and post them.

    First on my list is a surprise team that I mentioned a while ago the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones has everything they need to win and they could be scary good with a leader to run the show. Romo is not that guy and Jones who I felt would make a play for Luck before the entire Manning thing happened would welcome the big Aw-shucks southern boy with open arms, pay him well and give him a team of superstars to win with. To me hands down the best fit.

    In Miami Manning would have a chance to do what Marino never could and much improved team that wants and needs to compete in a tough division and restore the winning ways to a franchise that has been really bad for a lot of years.

    NY Jets see Dallas Cowboys its almost the same situation exactly.

    Seattle Seahawks have almost everything in place and could take a shot at Manning , I just don't see him playing on the west coast and making mom and dad fly all those miles. That would be the same reason for the Cards as well, but they would be a long shot anyway.

    The Titans could make a play for Manning and would have a good team to surround him with . The homecoming could be a huge draw for the former Vol.

    The Redskins could but Manning would stay away from that cancer as if it were the Browns , speaking of there is no chance.
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  2. 12thManFan

    12thManFan Huddler

    I'm not gonna say it doesn't make sense cause it does, but how deep are our pockets this season? I still see some glaring needs on our team and I really think Flynn is our guy. The OL still needs help as far as health goes. LBs could be a concern if Hawthorne leaves, Still not entirely sold on Alan Branch at DT, could be upgraded. I am praying we sign Flynn and draft DeCastro. He's waaaay too good to pass on. Put him next to Carpenter and the right side could be solid. I don't see Moffit being a 'superstar' where DeCastro is being compared to Hutchinson already.
  3. Manning Won't be too bad... His price will be way down plus he would still be getting guaranteed money from the Colts.
  4. szat

    szat Huddler

    Get some FA's in here, includeding Flynn or Manning to take over at QB. Time to splurge, we have the Cap room. Then the draft can be about filling need and briniging is some talent. I think even if we keep Hawethorne we still have a need at LB, get a mid rounder. DE or DeCastro with 1st pick thou.
  5. Glad to see don't want a guy like Flynn who will lead this team for a decade or longer..."I'm all in!"

    #fuckthat #injuryonfirsthit #warrenmoonin1998
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  6. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I don't much like Seattle in the sweepstakes , Manning has a home in Florida , his former OC is in NY with the Jets as a " consultant " and I just don't see him coming out west at all . What about New Orleans ? Brees is tee-off over the tag and that team may implode ????? Its gonna be interesting .
  7. I would laugh if they signed him and TJack beat him out in camp lol
  8. I'm stoked to see that we're in on Manning. Tom Cable worked wonders with a patchwork line last year, I'm fairly confident Manning would be fine as far as protection is concerned. There are plenty of players in the league with fused necks, a healthy Manning can turn our offfense into a very good to elitle level offense over night, couple that with our D and we're contenders immediately... Especially if we find a pass rusher in the draft.
  9. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I believe that Manning's doctors have said that his neck is stronger now then its ever been. I for one don't worry much about injury with him, he has always been a durable QB . Manning certainly doesn't need the money and he and his wife just had twin girls so if there were even a remote chance of further damage being done, he would retire. Could he get injured again yes , but he's not brittle .

    I think its funny that Arizona is in the conversation , they really must have screwed the pooch with Kolb ? How do have have that conversation with the Bidwell's ? " ya we know it didn't work out with Kolb, but we promise if you spend 3 times more money on Manning we will win " LOL

    I have heard that he won't play for an NFC team because of his brother. I don't know about that, I would think he wouldn't want to play Indy just because he loves that city and team so much.

    Seattle could give him something and that's a chance to win a franchises first Super Bowl and that could be a major deal for a guy that has everything else .
  10. LaceyBALL3R360

    LaceyBALL3R360 Huddler

    could u imagine manning with our wr core(amazing possibilities)
  11. I cant see it happening. I see him going to Miami.... might help our chances in landing Flynn!!
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  12. Not to mntion if we get Manning we also get Wayne... Wayne-Rice-Williams-Baldwin.
  13. szat

    szat Huddler

    Its exciting, I think Manning would make every aspect of this team better, the run the pass, and the defense.
    We would instantly become relevant, the national media would pretty much camp out at VMAC, and life as we know it (as a fan) would change. The money scares me, ive heard 25M X 3-4 contract, and thats on the low side. This is heavy shit, but it sounds like our leadership is making a run for him.... Brace yourself. Where ever Payton ends up, he is going to do it for revenge. I think Seahawks and Maimi are top contenders, i dont see him going to the redskins..
  14. seahawkblitz

    seahawkblitz Huddler

    I'm glad we are looking, but need to act fast, would really suck to go all in on Manning, have someone else sign Flynn in the meantime. Then we are sol if Manning doesn't come here. Makes more sense to me to sneak Flynn in the back door while all eyes are on Manning.
  15. seahawkblitz

    seahawkblitz Huddler

    And they better get someone, I just unloaded a whole paycheck for my 2012 tickets!
  16. szat

    szat Huddler

    Good point, I would hope and think that they keep multiple discussions going and act on the first and best oppurtunity.
    In the meantime I hope they can get Red locked.
  17. I want to keep Red obviously, but if we draft a DE I keep think about how the playing timee would be distributed. I'm not sure there's enough to go around.

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