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Madden Cover Vote Lynch vs ET

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by Idahawk, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  2. I want to vote for ET, but he wouldn't have a shot at the cover. He isn't recognizable by more casual fans.
  3. I don't want anyone from the Seahawks on the cover of Madden.
  4. With it being Madden 13, maybe its a case of a negative and a negative being a positive...?
  5. I'm with 18!!

    Last time we had a Seahawk on the cover, it didn't end well for us.
  6. LaceyBALL3R360

    LaceyBALL3R360 Huddler

    imma vote for lynch just because i think his chances are better, but i would like both of em to be on equally
  7. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    When you create an earth quake you should get a Manning cover !
  8. Lynch advanced. He's an 8 seed, facing facing Chrs Johnson the 9 seed. If he wins he'll have to face Aaron Rodgers, so its pretty safe to say Lynch won't be on the cover.
  9. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If fans remember that run , there may be a chance ?
  10. He lost but I thought this was awesome: "70% of the universe is covered by dark matter, the rest is covered by Earl Thomas."
  11. No joke! Watched a couple dvr'd games recently and paid particular attention to ET. The guy was amazing. Kam was almost always in the box and ET was the lone man on the island and he did a great job. Hes fast as hell too. Didn't realize it until rewatching the games
  12. Al Calderon

    Al Calderon Huddler

    Madden Bounty! I'm voting for the player I hate the most...Ben Roethlisberger
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  13. How sad would it be if Sebastian Janikowski was on the cover of Madden 13? Maybe we should make it happen...
  14. How sad is it that the two players from the Raiders were Lechler and Janikowski? Lol

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