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Forty Whiners

Discussion in 'Rivals Smack Down' started by Pottsie, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. San Francisco 69Ers.
  2. SF 16 8 80

    SF 16 8 80 Huddler


    Actually, we had a good day against the Jets Sunday. How'd you guys do this week? :lol:
  3. Cole

    Cole Huddler

    Oh, we're still reflecting on the 34-13 raping we gave you in Candlestick Park a few weeks back.
  4. Youngb80

    Youngb80 Huddler

    Seattle Seahawks fans are truely a one of a kind bunch. After growing up in the Bay Area, worked brought me up to the pathetic state of WA where inbreeding is the main method of reproduction. I loved it though. The Seahawks sucked and the fans were so terrible that i was able to buy tickets for game for 30 dollars scalped. It was awesome. I was like WOW these fans suck. Even if the Niners were having a losing season that stadium was still sold out and I never saw one go for that cheap. Your announcers today, after your "stunning" win over St. Louis where you showed your dominance (HAHA), were actually complaining that the Seahawks won cause it dropped them in draft position. A truely pathetic display of a fan/announcer.

    12th man is a joke. A JOKE. I love your newspapers, truely awesome. One year you're calling the seahawks the most pathetic sight and it hurts to watch.....to then calling them the greatest team with the greatest fan (laughable). You are all bandwagon fans. When it's riding good you hop on when it's not you duck and cover. Truely dishearting that such a large core group could be so weak.

    And i know what you are all going to say. Blah Blah we won the division x-years in a row Blah Blah Blah what happened in Candlestick this year Blah Blah Blah. How about this. STFU until you WIN a Super Bowl you damn choke artists. Niners - 5 trips to the Bowl......5 rings. Seahawks - 1 trip 1 choke 0 rings. :lol:
  5. Really? That's it?


    Do you have anything to contribute? Or are you just here to tell us that the 49ers have five Super Bowl rings and the Seahawks have zero?
  6. Youngb80

    Youngb80 Huddler

    Obviously you didn't read the post. It was about the seahawk fans. Not the superbowl wins. Cheers to stupidity
  7. Yeah, look at how band wagon we are supporting our 3-11 team... :roll:
  8. Cole

    Cole Huddler

    lmao What a loser! He's mad because we're better than him! :lol: How pathetic.
  9. Haha. Stupidity. Right.

    Keep trying.
  10. SF 16 8 80

    SF 16 8 80 Huddler

    Hey, whatever works, you know? When things are that bad, you have make do with whatever you have to work with.
  11. Cole

    Cole Huddler

    We Seahawks fans had a hard time adjusting considering that we didn't know what it felt like to lose. Tell us, SF, how do you cope with the fact that the 49ers haven't had a winning record since 2002? :lol:
  12. SF 16 8 80

    SF 16 8 80 Huddler

    Umm, excuse me? "Didn't know what it felt like to lose?" How do you figure? The Seahawks were a non-factor until a few years ago.

    Anyway, we cope in same way I immagine you cope: By having high hopes for next season.

    I'm actually in a pretty good mood about it, and am enjoying the games these days. Having been eliminated, a loss isn't that hard to take, especially one like last Sunday's game against Miami, where we played well overall. It was easy to see that, without the injuries, we would have won the game, and that makes me optimistic about next season.
  13. Personally, I would like to see all the teams in the NFC West get better so when we win the division we no longer are brushed to the side because we play in a crappy division...
  14. Cole

    Cole Huddler

    Well, when you have franchises like St. Louis and San Francisco in your division, that's never gonna happen...
  15. LMAO

    He's perfect for that town....After all the prison rape he's been through he'd fit in perfectly there...
  16. 94 Aint that true?!
  17. According to one of the 49ers team papers Isaac Bruce has a 50/50 chance of returning or retiring.
  18. I never saw this thread at the time...I'm kinda sad...I would've loved to torn these anal enjoyers into little tiny bits...

    I would've affected their minds like the AIDS have affected their bodies...

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