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Don't rule out Carson Palmer for the Seahawks

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by travisduncan, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. travisduncan

    travisduncan Huddler


    You would think that after the high praise the Seahawks brass for the potential of Tarvaris Jackson, the QB will be the starter through thick and thin.

    After Saturday's game Pete Carroll vigorously defended Jackson's play against the Vikings.

    Against the Vikings, Jackson's backup, Charlie Whitehurst completed 14 of 19 passes for 97 yards and a touchdown. Carroll said after the game that Whitehurst could have gone 18 for 19 "real easily".

    Jackson finished with 11 for 21 for 75 yards with one interception. Carroll marked Jackson's night to protection problems on the offensive line.

    Carroll added " [Whitehurst] was right on the money, the game was a little different then, than it was earlier," alluding to the fact that Jackson struggled against Vikings first team defense.

    He continued "I love the fact that Charlie played well but we need to give Tarvaris a change to play well."

    "It's really two different halves, in the way we were able to play and the guys who were able to play and all that kind of stuff and the guys who were in the game. It was much harder early on. Our matchup with there good guys in the pass rush and the pass protection thing was different."

    "We really didn't make it easy on Tarvaris tonight."

    How long do they stick with Jackson?

    The pressure to make a change after a loss in the preseason is worlds apart from the pressure to make a change after an N.F.L regular season loss.

    The fans and media immediately had their doubts about the Jackson trade from the get go, when does it creep into the Seahawks front office, if it hasn't already.

    With that in mind, don't rule out former Carroll protege Carson Palmer.

    Talk of Palmer joining the Seahawks has increased since Saturday's game.

    Don't rule Palmer as a mid-season replacement. Don't rule him out as a guy who comes in Week 10 or 11 as a veteran to guide the team into the playoffs. Don't rule out Carson Palmer in 2012.

    As it stands now, Palmer is officially a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, but has not stepped foot into Bengals HQ for training camp.

    He has told the team either trade him or he will retire.

    His time in Cincy appears to be done, and the Seahawks should have interest.

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  2. Where is this increased talk? This is the first article I have seen that makes any mention of it.
  3. Who is Travis Duncan?? I like the articles you do man, and appreciate it, but site some sources and also make sure the information is correct. Tarvaris was a free agent signing, not a trade and Palmer has already retired...
  4. Yeah, Jackson was an FA. But Palmer has not technically retired. He just has not shown up to camp. He has yet to file for retirement. At least that's what I read on PFT a couple days back.
  5. So maybe he's "retired", but has not officially filed his retirement with the league. Even though I think I recall hearing that he has filed on the Herd...?
  6. idk why the quote is showing up all retarded? Any way to fix that Rod Doggy Dogg??
  7. robdog

    robdog Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I am guessing that Palmer is going to come back right at the beginning of the season to get his $11+ million paycheck, or at least try to. At that point, I think the Bengals are going to release him and we will get picked up by someone else.
  8. robdog

    robdog Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Anyone else following the latest Palmer rumors??? Things are getting interesting...

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