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BIG Mike Williams

Discussion in 'Talkin' Hawks' started by #ONE, May 9, 2012.

  1. TwilightError

    TwilightError Huddler

    There is no way he can be fast in that shape. Well, maybe Lockette gets his shot now.
  2. He has a weight stipulation in his contract, I'm sure he's alright.
  3. Dude he does not look like a WR standing next to Rice and Durham, guys that are close to the same height. He looks too fat to play TE based on that angle. I'm sure he'll slim down a few pounds, but that shows that he hasnt corrected his weight gain issues. You hear of guys like Browner who showed up 10 lbs lighter, Red showing up leaner than ever and makes you question his work ethic.

    And I do think Lockette will get a real chance to play/start. Red was asking during his press conference to name a few players that have surprised him this offseason, and he mentioned Lockette by name.
  4. TwilightError

    TwilightError Huddler

    Lockette is the one player I really think/hope will amaze us all in the coming season. I actually thought that BMW might make a decent TE when I saw that pic. Maybe that's his aim?
  5. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Its only May anyway , he has plenty of time to get back into shape if he is out of shape. That's what these types of programs are for.
  6. szat

    szat Huddler

    Love the title of the article " throwing to hungry- WRs" little intended pun there?

    He's got lots of time, but its sign of poor work ethic.
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  7. Keep in mind that he broke his leg at the end of the season, he probably couldn't run for a while.
  8. I'll give him that. Still think he's going to have to bring his A game to make the team. Especially if guys like Obo/Lockette are making a push for the other starting WR spot.
  9. They were talking about this on the radio and they said in person he looked fine. He has always been much bigger than other WRs. Someone called in asking about using him more as a TE. Interesting thought I suppose.
  10. Idahawk

    Idahawk Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I said it last year, we have some dead wait at WR that needs to go . Guy's that just haven't taken it to the next level . I won't name names because I'm not looking for a pissing match but lets face it when a Baldwin can come in a dominate that's not saying much for the other guys.
  11. I'd love for Williams to get some time in thd slot. Williams can be a great weapon for an accurate QB, especially in the red zone. He never has been and never will be a guy that create a ton of separation, Matthew was able to make him look like a #1 and Jackson made him look like he didn't deserve to be there. It just depends on who's throwing to him, he gets open by getting body position. You have to have a smart/accurate QB who recognizes that and knows how to take advantage of that.
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  12. That's the main thing that makes me have hope for Flynn, Williams is a great weapon. You've got the big guys on the out side and if they're both productive that really opens up stuff for Lockette, Butler and Tate.
  13. spudland

    spudland Huddler

    Williams will have to prove himself to Carroll again. He hasn't let him down yet. Nobody can put last year's ineptitude on the WR's....Jackson couldn't read a defense to save his life. I predict by the time the season starts Jackson is gone, Flynn's the starter and Wilson's the backup. Don't think we'll carry 3 active Qb's...one's going to the practice squad.
  14. Or one will just be on the 53 man roster, but inactive like Josh Portis was last year.
  15. 12thManFan

    12thManFan Huddler

    He will be fine, he wasn't that big last year but he was still pretty big. If he wants that dough, he'll shave some pounds. Just have to remember, he's not your typical burner WR, he's gonna get up high and make some nice catches but by no means is he going to outrun a CB also.
  16. And land awkwardly on his ankle, roll it and miss 5-6 games.... again. You sign a decent contract, follow that up with 18 catches and miss 4 games. Now you come into camp looking like a fullback. I'm not impressed. His job is to stay in shape and catch passes. He did neither.
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  17. szat

    szat Huddler

    Unless those DB's are Darren Sharper and Jacoby Greer... ;)
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